Which DJs should you be looking out for in 2016?

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DJs have absolutely dominated the musical landscape for a couple of years now, with EDM music in particular exploding in popularity all over the world.

Some of the biggest musical artists on the planet are DJs responsible for coming out with red hot track after red-hot track using state of the art DJ tools, and even though the odds are pretty good that you recognize at least a couple of names on the list below you’re still going to want to make sure that you don’t miss a single sample that they put out!

These are the hottest DJs on the planet today, and the DJs that you need to be looking out for in 2016 (and beyond).

Calvin Harris

Easily the world’s most popular DJ (not to mention the richest), the boyfriend of Taylor Swift has been able to dominate be a music scene like few others.

There is a brand-new album already in the works (with a summer release date scheduled), but this particular DJ is holding down the fort in Las Vegas as a resident artist at one of the world’s most exclusive casino resorts and nightclubs.

Check out everything that Calvin Harris has to offer!


Another of the most influential DJs the world has ever seen, this particular artist landed on the scene a couple of years ago with one hit after another and then kind of faded into the background for a little while.

Well, he is back and in a big way in 2016!

Already there are rumors about major collaborations with some of the world’s most recognizable pop stars, and he has been in the booth producing music to be released in 2016. He definitely has a distinct flavor to the tracks that he puts out, and if you’ve been hoping for more, get ready – because here it comes.

David Guetta

This is a DJ that built his reputation on the back of producing music with some of the world’s best and biggest artists, but he’s already released a couple of solo compilation albums that have gone on to amazing success as well.

Not exactly a “feature artist” – though he does all of the composition and production for each and every song he puts out – his music usually features another major artist. This is not one of those creative geniuses that are shy about sharing the limelight, that’s for sure!


Certainly one of the newest DJs to hit the scene, Willow is a groundbreaking Manchester-based artist that has kicked down the club scene door and stormed right in!

This artist is probably most well-known in Europe, but thanks to some pretty skilled DJ and promotion work with artists in the US profile has been building throughout 2015 and is ready to blow up in 2016.

You need to check her out!


Ranking right up there with Calvin Harris as far as the most influential DJs are concerned today, Avicii really brought it with multiple releases in 2014 AND 2015 – and 2016 is shaping up to be just as busy for this DJ.

His signature sound continues, and with new collaborations (some with DJs on this list) in the pipeline things are really going to get crazy!

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20syl offers New Touch to It’s Only

It’s Only is a popular feat by ODESZA. The popular feat is given a new touch by a famous DJ Nantes and rapper 20syl. Sylvian Richard is mostly referred as 20syl. His main business includes composer, DJ, rapper, and graphic artist. He is experienced in various music genres like electronic music, turntablism, jazz rap and rap. He has been active in the electronic music since 1995. He is quadruple world champion under the Disco Mix Club team, part of the Coups2Cross DJ collective team, member of Hocus Pocus MC group and composer. He has produced for Sully Sefil, Nakk, Scred connection, Fabe, Slum Village, Kohndo, Disiz and Diam’s. He participated in projects like Just Vol.1 us.

Sylvian Richard is seen energetic and active in 2016. He is making great waves in the electronic music industry by retouching an album that was already published and launched. His single inertia was received very well by the public. He also received great applause for his remix Walk Walk that was originally created by Yael Naim. It is sure that Sylvian Richard is a person whom you need to keep an eye this year. His latest release and remixes are a great hit. Richard is expected to kick the notch this year. In his ODESZA remix, he has used the vocals of Zyra and had given a new touch to the original instrumentation into a glitchy and new level.

As he has replaced the original smooth electric piano with trap inspired drums, heavy and blazing synthesizers, staccato vocal chops, pretty melodies and chilled out vocals that make the entire It’s Only album to get a new look. He has turned It’s Only into a new untempo upcoming bass song track. It is sure It’s Only is going to do great rounds in most dance floors from next weekend.

Sylvian Richard is basically a graphic designer. He completed his graduation in the Graduate School of Fine Arts that is located in Nantes Metropole. He started to work in his room with parents in Reze. Sylvian Richard created a small home recording studio. It was named as Rec Hord Studio Mab.

His first Extended Play was named as Reasons. He released the first track on June 09, 2014. Grounds II was his second Extended Play. It was released on May 11, 2015.

It was said that the Apple keynote uses Sylvian Richard pieces. The Apple has used to promote the features of Siri present in the Apple watch.

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5 Ways Wheatgrass Can Help Keep Singers Healthy

Wheatgrass is one of the natural “superfoods” being marketed today. It is a natural supplement that is readily available and sustainable to produce. This simply means that nature isn’t destroyed to obtain this product; unlike say, sharks fin or bird’s nest which cause damage to the animals or their environment.

For the uninitiated, wheatgrass does resemble short stalks of grass. They grow abundantly in the soil and are dark green in color. The dark green pigment contains massive doses of chlorophyll which is beneficial to the human body. Wheat grass is an approved supplement that is good for people of all ages and various careers. It is great for kids and promotes growth and a healthy appetite so they will grow stronger and taller.

In the case of people in the entertainment field, wheatgrass is also a recommended supplement. Here are five reasons why:

1. It is a non-fattening supplement.

Singers and entertainers need to watch their weight and maintain a trim physique. Wheatgrass contains zero fat, cholesterol and no added sugar. It can be taken as a liquid and can also be mixed with other fruits and vegetables to come up with a super green shake. It can be taken in the morning or as a meal substitute. Just be sure to have the best manual wheatgrass juicer handy so you can create juices and shakes even while on the go.

2. Wheatgrass is an all-in-one source of vitamins.

Singers often work late at night and have unforgiving schedules. Apart from the actual performances they also have to attend rehearsals and costume fittings in order to make each performance spectacular. Regularly taking wheatgrass juice assures them of the full-spectrum of thirteen essential vitamins, minerals as well as trace elements and enzymes, which make the body healthier.

3. Because the show must go on.

Singers must keep performing even when they’re feeling under the weather or are recovering from an illness. Wheatgrass is known as one of nature’s most effective healers because they have Vitamin A, C, E, and K. It is teeming with protein and amino acids as well.

4. Wheatgrass is a natural healer for sore throat.

Wheatgrass helps singers prevent sore throat by arresting the infection before it worsens. At the end of a long day or night, singers can gargle wheatgrass to cleanse the throat and prevent bacteria from building up. It is natural, safe, and is impossible to overdose. This means that it can become part of an artists’ daily ritual.

5. Skin health from the inside.

Singers not only have to sound great, they also need to look their best all the time. Apart from drinking wheatgrass for great skin, it can also be added to the tub as a healthy soak. It can also be poured directly or massaged onto the skin to relive dryness, itchiness, or sunburn. This will help keep the skin soft and smooth all the time.

Wheatgrass can be planted in boxes and grown at your home. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to stay in shape with wheatgrass. Just remember to drink your juice every day for great health!

How to Lose a Few Pounds Before Your Next Music Festival

exerciseMusic festivals are highly anticipated events during the summer. It’s a time for enjoying great music, being with old friends, and meeting new people. It’s a perfect venue to socialize, have nice conversations, and even finding a new love prospect! In the UK alone, more than 3.5 million people have attended music festivals in 2014. And the numbers continue to increase as more and more people gather in highly popular festivals like in Glastonbury, Reading, and Leeds.

But more than the music and the crowd, music festivals have become a place to flaunt and be confident about oneself, both on the inside and outside. People make an effort to look good, dress well, and feel great. And if you’re one of those conscious individuals who want to have a bangin’ body before you head off to the concert grounds, there are simple but effective exercises to help you lose those love handles and excess fat.

If you’re still a few weeks away from that big event, you can try out these exercises that will help you tighten your core, sculpt your midsection, and eventually melt away some of those excess fats in your body. Of course, having a demi-god body will take you a lot of time and effort. But engaging in these physical activities can be enough to give you the confidence to show-off your figure.

Because you only have a few weeks to get in shape, you want to do exercises that will engage your whole body. You’ll be surprised that you don’t have to do complex routines to get results. Some of the simplest things you can start-off with are:

1. Jumping Jacks

This plyometric exercise is the most elementary of all exercises, literally. People have known this since they were kids but you’ll be surprised how effective it still is in engaging all the muscles in your body. This is a good starter or warm-up in a workout routine as it will help your blood circulate faster and raise your heart rate signaling your body to get up and move!

2. Squats

If you’ve been sitting all day at work then this exercise is a great way to get your glutes sweating and your thighs working. From a standing position, all you need to do is squat which is basically the action of sitting minus the aid of a chair. Three to five rounds will get you sweating and feel free to add dumbbells to make it more challenging.

3. Planking

This exercise is basically a stationary one but this can effectively work your midsection and abdomen. A high plank is just like a pushup but without having to push your arms against the floor. All you have to do is maintain a straight body position while keeping your knees off the floor and keep your core tight.

It is also a good idea to buy in one of the best elliptical machines for home use. Double your efforts will definitely go a long way in helping you get in shape for the next festival. It is often underused when compared to treadmills and stationary bikes. This thing actually has the best advantage is it engages all parts of your body. By using the steps and the handles, you work out your arms, your midsection, your thighs and legs. Using this machine for 30 intense minutes will shed off a lot of water weight and calories.

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Recovering after a Music Festival

Recovering after a Music FestivalMusic festivals are much more like exercising activities. They involve a lot of jumping here and there, dancing, shouting when singing, standing and walking. These activities may be too tiresome because they involve the use of energy which increases the body’s temperature. This makes your muscles more active, because of the increased energy release and oxygen demand. Hence, sweating is at the peak.


When these musical activities are underway, you tend to lose water through sweat. However, sweating is vital for keeping your body cool. During the sweating process, water is lost through evaporation. A lot of sweating may lead to dehydration when less water is taken. During the musical activity, you tend to take a lot of water which is eventually lost through sweat. Hence, after the festival is done, you need to re-hydrate for recovery. Re-hydration will replenish the water lost during the music festival activity.

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headache, loss of concentration, a flushed skin and darker urine. During recovery from the music festival, you should ensure to re-hydrate adequately so as to maintain the fluid levels in your body. Let’s cut down to the chase.

Rehydrate after a Festival

Drink enough water to replenish the water lost during the festival. As a form of recovery, take a lot of water – containing drinks to increase the percentage of water content in your body. This will add up to the required amount of water in your body. Softened water has been proven to be much more beneficial when it comes to rehydrating the body because it has added ions. So if you’re a regular in the music festival scene, you might want to read up on the best water softeners 2016 and invest in one.

Drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juice, tea and some alcoholic drinks have a high percentage of water. However, alcoholic drinks with high percentage of alcohol contribute to an increased net water loss in the body due to the tendency of having to urinate all the time. It is recommended to take at least eight ounces of water in a day to ensure that your body is in a good hydrated condition.

Besides water, fresh fruits and vegetables can also help in re-hydration. The fruits and vegetables can re-hydrate your body a lot more than taking several glasses of water. These fruits contain mineral salts and sugars which are also required for the absorption of water. These fruits include: watermelons and cucumber. Melons contain about 92% of water and the remaining percentage contributes to the vital natural sugars and mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium and sodium. The cucumber also has 96% water content and the essential mineral salts and natural sugars. These fruits are the best option for re-hydrating since they contribute both the water content, natural sugars and mineral salts.

Dehydration may also make your skin to look flushed. To revive your skin and enhance its complexion, you need to treat your skin to a hydrating treatment. This is essential to brighten, smoothen and hydrate to restore your skin‘s natural glowing complexion. To make this happen, you have to apply such skin oils for the skin treatment. This oils include; the radiance peel and the hydrating toner. All this will enable you to replenish the lost water from your skin and make it look much appealing.

In addition, salts are also part of water restoration. Mineral salts such as sodium are very essential, they are responsible for maintaining the blood volume and absorption of water in the body. These salts are lost in the process of sweating. Hence, taking large amounts of water without the salts is beneficial but not very beneficial. This is because, this salts are electrolytes which transmit signals all over the body. When this electrolytes are insufficient, the accomplishment of the body’s functions will be very low. Hence, salt restoration is very important to keep up the body functions at the peak.

Re-hydrating recovery is very important to your health since you’ve been through strenuous work load in a music festival that needed a lot of energy. You need to relax and restore the lost energy and water lost to improve on your health status. Take enough for the day but not too much, as the wise words deploy, “Too much of something is poisonous”. Take enough water and fruits to re-hydrate and maintain the fluid levels in your body. Also, a good massage while listening to soft relaxing music will sure go a long way in helping you recover from an exhausting day.

The Power of Music and Massage

The Power of Music and MassageIf you want to access superior well-being, you’ll find that combining music and massage is a great way to get the relaxation that you need and deserve. We all lead busy lives and stress builds up in our systems. Without the proper outlet, stress may take over and adversely affect our overall health.

When you choose to use massage and music in order to unwind, you’ll be doing something that’s really good for yourself.

If you can’t afford to pay for a professional massage which is accompanied by music, you should know that a partner may learn how to administer massage. Even a close friend or family member may be willing to oblige. Also, self-massage techniques are out there.

However, the easiest way to enjoy soothing massage at home is probably to purchase your own massage chair. Now, let’s talk about why massage chairs are so therapeutic and how music may be played in the background while you use these handy and affordable devices.

What are Massage Chairs, Anyway?

Massage chairs are devices which typically heat up and contain rotating components which massage sore muscles and relieve muscle strain. They often have a range of massage settings and heat settings, so it’s possible to customize a massage experience in order to get a specific effect. Some people prefer gentle massage, while others want more power.

When you choose a high-quality massage chair, you will be able to personalize your experience and change it in order to suit your needs. This type of chair may resemble a classic Lazy-Boy chair. There are a lot of different styles, so it’s difficult to generalize. You may have tried these massage chairs in malls. If so, you probably remember just how great they are and just how good sitting in one of these chairs made you feel. When you buy your own massage chair, you’ll be able to feel that way whenever you want to.

A lot of people watch TV while they sit in their massage chairs. However, others really love to put on favorite tunes, from rock to classical to trance and beyond, and then close their eyes as they get their massages. These chairs work so well and adding music into the mix makes for a true spa experience at home.

Order a Massage Chair Today

Treat yourself to soothing care, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home. A superb massage chair will change your life for the better. You’ll always be able to look forward to coming home and enjoying your chair as you listen to some soft music. In addition, friends, family and partners will be able to use the chair also. It will become a treasured piece of furniture which has the power to help you relax and enjoy soothing relief from muscle aches and pains. Once you’ve bought your own chair, you may wonder how you every got along without it.

So, do something that is good for yourself and order your own massage chair today. You’ll be so glad that you did!

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Why There’s Nothing Better Than Laying on Your Bed and Listening to Electronic Music

Why There's Nothing Better Than Laying on Your Bed and Listening to Electronic MusicWe all lead hectic lives and sometimes, downtime is the only way to release tension and access a sense of peace. In terms of how to make the most of downtime, laying on your bed and listening to electronic music will be a smart choice. This is because doing so will be an excellent way to unwind and to put your troubles on the back burner.

Electronic music comes in different styles – however, all of it has a thoroughly modern vibe which is really appealing and it’s very easy to find electronic music online. Yes, it is still possible to buy CDs and vinyl records. However, it’s safe to say that most people choose to download EDM off of the Internet rather than buying electronic dance music via different formats.

YouTube also features a lot of free EDM (electronic dance music) tunes that people may check out. YouTube is accessible via smart phones and computers and the tunes posted there definitely offer EDM fans the chance to check out an array of artists before deciding which music to pay for. Free music is out there. However, in order to support the artists who make this sort of music, you may wish to buy it at iTunes or another online retailer. It’s a great way to keep the EDM genre moving forward!

Chill Out With the Right Music

Once you’ve found some electronic music that you like, lie back on a comfortable mattress and close your eyes. This type of music may be aggressive or delicate and dreamy. If you want to sleep, look for gentler beats. If you want energy, go for beats which are more intense and driven.

There are so many choices here. Some of the world’s best DJs remix a lot of electronic music in order to give it more edge and polish. Examples of the world’s most popular electronic music DJs include Diplo, Marsh Mallow and Deadmau5. However, there are plenty more.

Check Out Vintage Electronica

Electronic music is great for lying on a bed and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be ultra-modern – after all, people have been creating this form of music since the 1980s. If you want something vintage-inspired, check out Erasure, the Eurythmics or Depeche Mode. Some classic bands which rely on electronica for their special sounds are well worth checking out. If you’re really young, you may have missed these bands, but their music is still out there and it will be accessible within seconds.

Click here to listen to Vincent’s latest release, Her.

Listen to Her Composed by Vincent

Vincent is a twenty year old popular Winnipeg based producer. Recently, he is renowned and prepared for his next new thing. Too Future and Nest HQ play an important part in the mix. The electronic music producer is giving his name under the AM Only list. He was previously producing under the autograph XVII. He is known for his boasting gritty synths, hard anthemic setup tracks, and dirty bass sentences. He has asked support and earned likes from various popular artists like Flosstradamus, Alison Wonderland, RL Grime and much more. The specification of his bangers was implemented in their sets.

Vincent played his first introduction show recently in Vancouver. It was clearly predicted that the artists would be a real success in the electronic music industry. If you have time to listen to some watch or watch the latest release, then you need to check out the Vincent’s Her. It is the right time to watch now.

Her by Vincent. It has already created a lot of hype and sensation before its release. The chilling and soothing music runs throughout the body, and idyllic piano is played against the haunting song. Moreover, the multifaceted layering of strong percussions, angelic vocal hoops and melodies develop a dreamscape. It provides a difficult feeling of grasp. Bittersweet and melancholic the ‘Her’ track will take you to a present day Ice Dance of Edward Scissorhands. It remains as a beautiful metaphoric vessel. It remains perfect to our emotions and delicate voice shifts to tantalizing and sharp synths.

It is hard to come across a track that soothes you both emotionally and mentally, but this track has done its magic. It is the first breaking album that plays according to the tunes of heart. Vincent’s excellent product Her is an electronic epic. It brings out an ethereal presence staying within you. It drives along the dark corners of the mind and flushes out as a powerful track. If you have not yet listened to this exciting album, ensure to listen in the online song website. The song can also be downloaded from his official website. It is worth listening more than once.

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