Know about the Flying Lotus Album

The Flying Lotus is the stage name of the electronic musician Steven Ellison. He has various nicknames and some of his popular nicknames include Lunchpail, Captain Murphy, Juno Leed and even Flylo. He is an investigational multiple-genre music producer, rapper, DJ and electronic musician based in Los Angeles, California.

Steven Ellison has released five albums. They are 1983 (released on 2006), You’re Dead (released on 2014), Until the Quite Comes (released on 2012), Cosmogramma (released on 2010). He received both positive and negative reviews for his tracks. He produced the bump music that is telecasted in the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network programming block. His favorite genres include jazz, IDM, hip hop, experimental, and electronic.

His occupations are DJ, rapper, filmmaker, record producer, and musician. He is well versed in instruments like vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, turntables and computer. He has been active in the music industry since 2000.

Steven Ellison has told that he is highly influenced by J Dilla, MF DOOM, and Madlib. He is recognized for his alternative hip hop, electronic music, and experimental hip hop.

He was popularly referred as Captain Murphy. It is because of the Sealab 2021 personality. In the track Between Friends, Steven Ellison as Captain Murphy appeared in 2012 summer. Steven Ellison started to release numerous videos in vocals because of the recurrent pitch shifts. A separate website was started under the name Captain Murphy. The website contains videos, posts, and other music scores. Later, he released the download option in his website to impress the audience.