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Junior Boys is a popular electronic pop group based in Canada. The group was formed in the year 1999. Their origin is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was formed by Johnny Dark and Jeremy Greenspan. Johnny Dark did not remain with the group for a long time. He left in a short time. Engineer Matt Didemus replaced his position. The group is seen active since 1999. They are specialized in genres like technopop, indie electronic, dance, and electropop.

Johnny Dark left the band since there were numerous near misses and rejections. He left the band and started to indulge in his other interests. Matt Didemus started to give energy to the band. He wrote more materials. He tried to put the album together to make it a success.

Their first release was Birthday/Last Exit. It was released in October 2003. It is a four track extended play. The song has a remix made by Fennesz. Their remix was highly popular, and it spread all over the world. Some of their albums include the Last Exit, So this is Goodbye, Begone Dull Care, it’s all True, and Big Black Coat. The Big Black Coat was released on 2016. It was released on February 05, 2016. It has been released under the new label City Slang. In the last five years, they have attempted to release this as their first track.

The duo took several years and pursued side and solo projects after releasing their previous album – It’s all true.

The Dead Horse is an Extended Play released in the year 2007. They did several singles like Birthday/Last Exit, High Come Down, No Kinda Man, In the Morning, Bits and Pieces, Banana Ripple, Hazel, and Big Black Coat.

Give Me Something is the remix of Yoko Ono. It was released in 2010. The Junior Boys promoted their albums in various creative ways. They even presented prizes and cash awards for the winners.