Know about the Popular Electronic Artist Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear is a popular American DJ, electronic avant-pop performer and music producer. He was born in Texas in the United States. He is also referred as Jabberjaw, Audion, and False. His music genres include tech house, electropop, microhouse, and glitch. He works as a music producer as well as DJ. He has been active in the electronic music industry since 1999. Matthew Dear shifted to Michigan during his teenage years.

The Detroit Techno sound inspired him, and it made him take a decision to step into the music industry. He attended the University of Michigan and there he came across Sam Valenti IV. The two decided to start a new record label. Ghostly International was their new venture. It was based upon a shared love in the form of electronic music.

The first album of Matthew Dear was Leave Luck to Heaven. It was launched in 2003. It gained worldwide recognition as it is a combination of minimal techno and pop. The singles of Leave Luck to Heaven is the Dog Days. It is the best sellers of the Spectral. It always remains as a favourite track for international DJ’s, especially Richie Hawtin.

He released the next album in 2004 that was named Backstroke. He started to work on the complex edged Audion.

In the year 2007, Matthew Dear launched a full length sophomore – Asa Breed. The Asa Breed was re-released in the year 2008. In the re-release track, there were five new songs. It also had a Don and Sherri remix from Hot Chip. The video clipping of the song was captured in the New York City.

Matthew Dear’s inspirations include Roman Flugel, Nitzerr Ebb, Adonis, David Bowie and Talking Heads.

Matthew Dear has commented that he is highly influenced by the Brian Eno and most of his works. He says that he feels interesting to listen to the tracks on various formats though already heard.