Filous and Feel Good Inc.

Filous is an eighteen year old music producer. He entered the music world by remixing several sequences and huge tracks composed by famous people. It includes Divinity – Porter Robinson and Our Demons by the Glitch Mob. The young producer lives in Austria. He is renowned for his delicate soundscapes echoing with nostalgic incandescence. He always attempts to prove himself as a great music prodigy. He has been in the music industry by playing several instruments and writing for the last seven years.

Last summer, the eighteen year old producer released Dawn which is a five track debut Extended Play (EP). Though it is his first track, he managed to occupy the top position. It was impressive. It has dewy tracks like Dawn and How hard I try. These sound tracks make an individual to feel relaxed and peace of mind especially when heard on a rainy day.

The producer is multi-talented, and it is seen clearly in the quality of work he has rendered consistently. The track is a broad variety and it holds a unique relaxed variability in grouping of classical instruments, indie vocals, and electronic composition.

The latest release of the producer is Feel Good Inc. It is actually classical of the Gorillaz. He has given his touch to make the album better. Everyone is excited to hear the new Gorillaz album. He said that it his favourite album and wanted to give a new touch for a new version. The track starts with a known melody of Feel Good Inc. It is expressed in the delicate xylophone form. The track develops a sense of airiness. It is seen more in the vibe of the track. It is accompanied with mandolin guitar. The track has more intricacies than before. It is gradually layered and attracts the listener. The raspy vocal work of Lissa remains perfect to the chill out track. The voice of Lissa arouses a hypnotizing atmosphere.

Filous commented that the remix of Dawn was because of inspiration. It is dreamy sound, and he has managed to create as he had in his mind. If you have not listened to the new version of Feel Good Inc. ensure to check out the site and enjoy the track.

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