20syl offers New Touch to It’s Only

It’s Only is a popular feat by ODESZA. The popular feat is given a new touch by a famous DJ Nantes and rapper 20syl. Sylvian Richard is mostly referred as 20syl. His main business includes composer, DJ, rapper, and graphic artist. He is experienced in various music genres like electronic music, turntablism, jazz rap and rap. He has been active in the electronic music since 1995. He is quadruple world champion under the Disco Mix Club team, part of the Coups2Cross DJ collective team, member of Hocus Pocus MC group and composer. He has produced for Sully Sefil, Nakk, Scred connection, Fabe, Slum Village, Kohndo, Disiz and Diam’s. He participated in projects like Just Vol.1 us.

Sylvian Richard is seen energetic and active in 2016. He is making great waves in the electronic music industry by retouching an album that was already published and launched. His single inertia was received very well by the public. He also received great applause for his remix Walk Walk that was originally created by Yael Naim. It is sure that Sylvian Richard is a person whom you need to keep an eye this year. His latest release and remixes are a great hit. Richard is expected to kick the notch this year. In his ODESZA remix, he has used the vocals of Zyra and had given a new touch to the original instrumentation into a glitchy and new level.

As he has replaced the original smooth electric piano with trap inspired drums, heavy and blazing synthesizers, staccato vocal chops, pretty melodies and chilled out vocals that make the entire It’s Only album to get a new look. He has turned It’s Only into a new untempo upcoming bass song track. It is sure It’s Only is going to do great rounds in most dance floors from next weekend.

Sylvian Richard is basically a graphic designer. He completed his graduation in the Graduate School of Fine Arts that is located in Nantes Metropole. He started to work in his room with parents in Reze. Sylvian Richard created a small home recording studio. It was named as Rec Hord Studio Mab.

His first Extended Play was named as Reasons. He released the first track on June 09, 2014. Grounds II was his second Extended Play. It was released on May 11, 2015.

It was said that the Apple keynote uses Sylvian Richard pieces. The Apple has used to promote the features of Siri present in the Apple watch.

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