Recovering after a Music Festival

Recovering after a Music FestivalMusic festivals are much more like exercising activities. They involve a lot of jumping here and there, dancing, shouting when singing, standing and walking. These activities may be too tiresome because they involve the use of energy which increases the body’s temperature. This makes your muscles more active, because of the increased energy release and oxygen demand. Hence, sweating is at the peak.


When these musical activities are underway, you tend to lose water through sweat. However, sweating is vital for keeping your body cool. During the sweating process, water is lost through evaporation. A lot of sweating may lead to dehydration when less water is taken. During the musical activity, you tend to take a lot of water which is eventually lost through sweat. Hence, after the festival is done, you need to re-hydrate for recovery. Re-hydration will replenish the water lost during the music festival activity.

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headache, loss of concentration, a flushed skin and darker urine. During recovery from the music festival, you should ensure to re-hydrate adequately so as to maintain the fluid levels in your body. Let’s cut down to the chase.

Rehydrate after a Festival

Drink enough water to replenish the water lost during the festival. As a form of recovery, take a lot of water – containing drinks to increase the percentage of water content in your body. This will add up to the required amount of water in your body. Softened water has been proven to be much more beneficial when it comes to rehydrating the body because it has added ions. So if you’re a regular in the music festival scene, you might want to read up on the best water softeners 2016 and invest in one.

Drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juice, tea and some alcoholic drinks have a high percentage of water. However, alcoholic drinks with high percentage of alcohol contribute to an increased net water loss in the body due to the tendency of having to urinate all the time. It is recommended to take at least eight ounces of water in a day to ensure that your body is in a good hydrated condition.

Besides water, fresh fruits and vegetables can also help in re-hydration. The fruits and vegetables can re-hydrate your body a lot more than taking several glasses of water. These fruits contain mineral salts and sugars which are also required for the absorption of water. These fruits include: watermelons and cucumber. Melons contain about 92% of water and the remaining percentage contributes to the vital natural sugars and mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium and sodium. The cucumber also has 96% water content and the essential mineral salts and natural sugars. These fruits are the best option for re-hydrating since they contribute both the water content, natural sugars and mineral salts.

Dehydration may also make your skin to look flushed. To revive your skin and enhance its complexion, you need to treat your skin to a hydrating treatment. This is essential to brighten, smoothen and hydrate to restore your skin‘s natural glowing complexion. To make this happen, you have to apply such skin oils for the skin treatment. This oils include; the radiance peel and the hydrating toner. All this will enable you to replenish the lost water from your skin and make it look much appealing.

In addition, salts are also part of water restoration. Mineral salts such as sodium are very essential, they are responsible for maintaining the blood volume and absorption of water in the body. These salts are lost in the process of sweating. Hence, taking large amounts of water without the salts is beneficial but not very beneficial. This is because, this salts are electrolytes which transmit signals all over the body. When this electrolytes are insufficient, the accomplishment of the body’s functions will be very low. Hence, salt restoration is very important to keep up the body functions at the peak.

Re-hydrating recovery is very important to your health since you’ve been through strenuous work load in a music festival that needed a lot of energy. You need to relax and restore the lost energy and water lost to improve on your health status. Take enough for the day but not too much, as the wise words deploy, “Too much of something is poisonous”. Take enough water and fruits to re-hydrate and maintain the fluid levels in your body. Also, a good massage while listening to soft relaxing music will sure go a long way in helping you recover from an exhausting day.